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Valley Field Environmental Services

Valley Field Environmental Services Ltd. is able to offer a range of environmental products manufactured by Kingspan Environmental, a division of Kingspan Group PLC.

Valley Field Environmental Services

Globally Kingspan delivers not only high quality, but affordable solutions. We are also keenly aware that our customers need to be assured that their investment in Kingspan products will produce an acceptable rate of return. Kingspan products are guaranteed for 20 years, ensuring that businesses and communities lower their costs, reduce their carbon emissions and secure reliable, renewable energy and sustainable water sources.

Kingspan Products . . .


The new smaller hybrids producing wind and solar power are ideal for smaller isolated communities, especially islands where they can generate power for electricity and feed telephone masts equipment. They can also generate power for temporary construction and mining sites.


Our unique solar tubes can generate power for hot water, heating and cooling systems.


Our Klargester products deliver a wide range of solutions from rainwater harvesting through clean water to sewerage systems.